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This will be my second attempt to have this piece of artwork requested as things did not pan out with the artist I have attempted to commission last time. That being said I am looking for something unique when it comes to an art style. As far as the attire or uniform the character will be wearing it should be based upon the 'Sierra' Uniform from Star Trek Online, references are as follows:


The character in question in half El-Aurian (think Guinan from The Next Generation ) and half Caitian (
-- The combination of such represents more of a Neko per say in that the individual is Human for the most part except for feline attributes namely the ears upon the head as well as a feline tail at the waist, though if you feel any other attributes are required don't hesitate to ask. For an understanding of what I mean I will use the photo-manipulation of the character's sister (

The character's facial reference is based upon Hugh Jackman ( please try to get a good mix of the presented hairstyles and include a form of beard as well. The character's eyes should be an ocean blue and any kind of hair, should be a white color.

As far as the character's rank it is Captain, which is 4 golden pips. The style of which can be seen in one of the reference images for the Sierra uniform. The artwork should have no background. If any more finer details are required I can provide thus once I have chosen an artist. My budget for this piece is between $20-$30, so if this doesn't work for you please don't approach me.

If you are interested in taking on this commission please either respond to this thread or email me at - As far as payment, I will send half the required amount after a draft has been submitted and the second half will be sent once I am satisfied with the final drawing.

I ask this of anyone interested as not all messages are received through Notes in my past experience and thus I am asking of this. Please understand that the chances I will seek more artwork for the rest of my OC crew is highly likely as well.

As the title suggests I am looking only for 18+ based artists to create a piece of art of Korra from The Legend of Korra in some kind of 'Demonic' form. My rendition of Korra has her taking this form on top of her Avatar State due to having both Spirits of Light and Dark inside of her crossed into the Highschool DxD. I am preferbly looking at a full body shot that is either standing or sitting.

The Demonic form is going to have a reddish tint to Korra's already dark brown skin and hair, her body size would be typically larger but still maintain her fit physique, this means height, waist, arm and leg thickness, breasts, ball size and penis all get a significant bolster in size compared to Korra's normal frame size. Her eyes probably becoming a more orange or green not sure which. Obviously feet would be more hooved, nails would be a little sharp and the addition of wings, pointed ears, horns and a tail are a given. Also since this rendition of Korra is a Futanari she will have a large horse penis and large testicles. I would like for Korra's abdominal region to be a 6, 8 or 10 pack depending on what you think works.

Also if you did sketch regular Korra for comparison and she's nude like her Demonic self, she'd have a regular human penis that is slightly larger than average and slightly large testicles but obviously not as big as the horse one. As far as budget I'm willing to pay the right price for the right artist and piece. However anything over the 60-75 dollar range is simply not doable on my budget. As far as Korra's general design if you aren't familiar with it is something like this:

To get an idea of the kind of style and in turn the abdominal definition and well just general muscle definition I'm looking for, see here:

Of course keeping within the confines of the traditional Legend of Korra art style works as well. You can even sketch regular Korra if it helps with the size comparison. As far as references for the Demon form itself, you can find that here:

If you are interested in this commission, please send me an email to:

I have found Notes do not always go through and would like to receive any offers sent my way. Also make sure to include prices and samples as always.

I am looking to commission at least one piece of character art for my Star Trek story. Some of these characters will have photo-manipulated references, others will rely more on descriptions and minimal image referencing. As far as art style, I am looking for something interesting or simplistic and the coloring can be basic or advanced. I'm not entirely sure of my budget per character but I will continue to make commissions if I like your art. The shot style I'm looking for is something like the following:

Essentially, the head down to the shoulders/upper bust and possible lower chest/waist depending on prices, although I may consider chibis as well. The characters also do not require a background, infact transparency is preferred. As far as uniform is concerned, I would like you to use the following as reference:…

If you need more referencing for the uniform or rank pips I can provide those separately.


Character Name: Nathan Jenkins

Species: Half El-Aurian (Human Looking)
Half Caitian (…)
-The look takes on a more "Neko" look as opposed to looking more Caitian. In particular, the cheek fur/whiskers, cat ears and cat tail are prominant but the rest looks Human-
-So to help I am going to reference the photo-manip of Nathan's sister Ria: though you can't see her tail in that picture-

Facial Reference: Hugh Jackman (
-I'd like a mixture of the hairstyles if possible, and feel free to work the beard style how you want-

Hair/Beard/Eyebrow/Ear Fur/Tail Fur Color: White

Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Rank: Captain (4 Pips)


If there is any other information you need, aside from other characters depending on how much you charge per character please let me know. Also please provide a rough estimate cost per character so I know what budget I can work with.
It has been such a long time since my days on DeviantArt. While I've not contributed much since I joined DeviantArt I find this place to be an amazing source of artists and talent as well as beautiful pieces of artwork. So I felt like posting a journal entry to let everyone know I'm alive...just trying to decide what and how I'm going to be doing things on DeviantArt. :)
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